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Jewelry Repairs & Restorations

Diamonds Choice offers a "worry-free" repair check in on your personal diamond jewelry. We identify the diamond by plotting, identifying, and taking measurements; so there is no anxiety or worry. Call 864-624-8004 for more information.


Diamonds are one of the true wonders of nature, created deep within mother earth herself over billions of years. Like us, everything is unique with its own personal characteristics. To own diamonds is a true treasure in life, to wear diamonds is an experience. Many people buy diamonds as a symbol of love, to bring romance, passion, and joy when celebrating an occasion. Diamonds Choice has an incomparable collection of diamonds for your special occasion. Browse our selection and stop by jewelry shop today or call 864-627-8004.

Diamonds Choice is a family-owned and operated jewelry store for over 75 years. To learn more about our heritage and background click the button below.

Our Heritage
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