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14KW Polished diamond cut fancy link 7.25" bracelet 3.02GM GB-412/14BVBR17W25


14KW Round brilliant cut diamond anchor link and gold anchor link and curb link bracelet. 0.75ctw 80D 7" (G)SI B4502WG/B-296


18K Two Tone Diamond Bracelet. Alternating White Gold Open Rectangular Diamond Link and Yellow Gold Diamond Bar Connectors. 1.75R-181dia. 7". LQ4759BR. PDB-732


18K Two Tone Gold. Nine (9) Bezel Set Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Attached to an Oblong Link Yellow Gold Chain. 0.90R-9dia. 7". LQ4768BR. PDB-726


18K Two-Tone Gem on Gem Halo Diamond Line Bracelet


18K White Gold Bracelet. Alternating Milgrain Bezel Set Larger Round Brilliant Cut Diamond and Smaller Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. 3.13R-48dia. 7"LQ4920BR-BT. PDB-731


18K White Gold Diamond Bar Bracelet Attached to Thin Cable Link Chain. .80R-20dia. LQ4376BR. PDB-725


18K White Gold Diamond Bracelet. Alternating Oval Diamond Cluster and One Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. 3.68R-220dia. 7". LQ3255BR. PDB-733


18K White Gold Diamond Line Bracelet. 4-Prong Setting. 5.04R-62dia. 7". LQ2823BR. PDB-722


18K White Gold Diamond Line Bracelet. There is Three (3) Square Shaped Halo in the Center of the Bracelet. 2.31R-102dia. 7". LQ4900BR. PDB-730


18K White Gold Diamond Link Bracelet. 3.00R-228dias. 7". LQ4247BR. PDB-721


18K White Gold Line Diamond Tennis Bracelet in a 4-Prong Setting. 2.07R-79dia. 7". LQ3148BR. PDB-735


18K White Gold Ruby and Diamond Bracelet. Princess Cut Rubies with a Diamond Halo Frame and Diamond Spacer Bars. 2.00RU-10ru. 1.06R-416dia. 7". LQ3089BR. PDB-734


18K Yellow Gold Alternating Rectangular Pave Diamond Links and Rectangular Plain Links. 1.70R-135dia. 7". LQ4499BR. PDB-727


18K Yellow Gold Bracelet with Open Oval Diamond Links with Diamond Connectors. 1.87R-282dia. 7". LQ4290BR. PDB-728


18K Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet. Alternating Five (5) Prong Set Graduating Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds with a Diamond Bar Connector. 1.69R-97dia. 7". LQ4469BR. PDB-729


18K Yellow Gold Diamond Pave ID Style Link Bracelet. 1.12R-51dia. 7". JLQ136BR. PDB-723


18K YellowGold Diamond Bracelet. Alternating Prong Set RBC Diamond in a Bezel Hexagon Shaped Frame then Two RBC Diamond in a 4-Prong Setting. 3.24R-57dia. 7". LQ4614BR-BT. PDB-724


18KR Channel Set Multi Colored Princess Cut Sapphire and RBC Diamond Bracelet


18KR Triple row diamond and princess cut rainbow colored sapphire line bracelet, the two outer rows are round diamonds and center row is rainbow colored sapphires. 1.12R 4.32S 324D 81S 7" LQ4367BR/PDB-759


18KTT Link Bracelet with Diamond "Buckle" Center


18KTT Oval Link Bracelet with Diamond Connectors


18KTT Round brilliant cut diamond bracelet with pave' set curved link alternating between oval rope textured links. 3.70R 380D 6links LQ4203BR/PDB-754


18KTT Round brilliant cut diamond by yard design center bracelet with yellow gold paper clip style links on either side of the diamonds. 0.71R 9D 7" LQ5029BR/PDB-750


18KTT Round brilliant cut diamond line bracelet with four yellow gold paper clip links on each end. 2.32R 29D LQ4620BR/PDB-741


18KTT Round brilliant cut white gold and solid yellow gold paper clip bracelet and white gold diamond toggle clasp. 3.73R 291D 7.5" LQ4517BR-BT/PDB-739


18KW Alternating Ruby and Diamond Line Bracelet


18KW Cuff style bangle bracelet set with two baguette cut rectangular shaped gem on gem clusters with round round brilliant cut diamonds in the cluster with round diamond halo around the cluster and round diamonds continuing down the bracelet. 0.53R 0.58B


18KW Diamond Bar Bracelet


18KW Diamond Bracelet


18KW Diamond Line Tennis Bracelet


18KW Flexible bangle bracelet set with seven round brilliant cut spaced out on the top of the bracelet. 0.23R 7D LQ1343BG/PDB-765


18KW Open Link Diamond Bracelet


18KW Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Halo Bracelet


18KW RBC Diamond Line Tennis Bracelet


18KW Round brilliant cut diamond and emerald line bracelet, the diamonds and emeralds alternate throughout and its a continuous design with a hidden catch. 3.23R 2.85E 29D 28E 7" LQ3980BR/PDB-749


18KW Round brilliant cut diamond and sapphire line bracelet, the diamonds and sapphire alternate throughout and its a continuous design with a hidden catch. 2.50R 3.20S 31D 31S 7" LQ3787BR/PDB-745


18KW round brilliant cut diamond bangle bracelet with a single row of diamonds across the top half of the bracelet and is fitted with double safetey locks. 0.95R 44D LQ1862BG/PDB-770


18KW Round brilliant cut diamond bracelet, unique individual clusters with a round diamond frame around each cluster throughout the bracelet. 3.74R 384D 7" LQ3139BR/PDB-753


18KW Round brilliant cut diamond curved bar bracelet attached to a tiffany style cable chain. 0.80R 20D LQ4376BR/PDB-740


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