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1 14K White Gold 4-Prong Basket Set LAB Grown Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire 18" Necklace. 0.50ct (DE)VS/SI. #PM4396-050-WLD-18. LD-929


1 14K White Gold 4-Prong Basket Set LAB Grown Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant. 0.50ct (DEF) VS/SI. #PM4396-050-WLD. LD-990


1 18K White Gold Alternating Marquise Cut and RBC Diamond Bar Necklace. .11R (3). .31MQ (4). 16-18". #LQ4762N. PDN-3151


1 18K White Gold Diamond Bar Necklace with a Slight Curve in Bar. Prong Set RBC Diamonds. 1.09R-21dia. 20". #LQ3556N. PDN-3152


1 18K White Gold Pave Diamond Bar Necklace. 1.64R-78dia. 18-20". #S272N. PDN-3129


1 18K Yellow Gold Necklace with Six (6) Pear Cut Yellow Diamonds that are Prong Set and (2) Of the (6) Pear Cut Yellow Diamonds have a Diamond Halo Frame with a Cable Link Chain Attached. .18R-28dia. 1.94YD (6dia). 17-18". #S275N. PDN-3127


1 18Kk White Gold Diamond Bar Style Necklace. 3-Prong Set RBC Diamonds with a Cable Link Chain Attached. .57R-12dia. 16". #LQ2869N. PDN-3150


14K White Gold LAB Grown Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Eternity Necklace. 4-Prong Basket Style Setting. 18ctw (DEF) VS2-SI1. 18". #PM10323-WLD-18


14KW Lab Grown Round Diamond Solitaire Necklace on and 18" Tiffany style cable chain. 1.10ct (E)VS2 ID,EX,EX IGI LG11839810 LD-962


14KW Round diamond pear shaped necklace. 1.00ctw (G)SI 18"


14KW White Pearl and Diamond Pendant


18K White Gold (5) Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds with a Diamond Frame around them to look like a "Flower" Design with a Cable Link Chain Attached to the Pendant. .64R-29dia. 16-18". LQ4184N. PDN-3093


18K White Gold Alternating Round Brilliant Cut Diamond and Round Cut Emerald Eternity Necklace. 6.23R 5.30Em. 18". 76dias. 76emeralds. LQ4137N. PDN-3105


18K White Gold Bezel Set Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds by the Yard Chain. 0.51R- 10 Diamond. 16-18". LQ921N. PDN-3088


18K White Gold Diamond Cluster With a Diamonds by the Yard Attached to the Cluster. .46CT. .28R. 15 diamonds. LQ1872N. PDN-3081


18K White Gold Diamond Gem On Gem Center with a Square Shaped Diamond Halo Frame Necklace. 0.81R-37Dia. 16-18". LQ2805N. PDN-3091


18k White Gold Diamond Pave Diamond Necklace in a "Star" Design. 0.32R-36dia. 16-18". JLQ570N. PDN-3094


18K White Gold Double Baguette Diamonds with a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Halo Frame around the Baguette Cut Diamond Necklace. .64R (8dia). .19B (2dia). 16-18". LQ3297N. PDN-3097


18K White Gold Four (4) Baguette Cut Diamond Prong Set inside a Diamond Rectangular Halo Frame with a Diamonds by the Yard Chain Attached. 0.43R (28dia). 0.75B (4dia). 16". LQ3933N. PDN-3086


18K White Gold Gem on Gem Cluster in an Offset Square Shaped Necklace. 1.22R- 21dias. 16-18". LQ3236N. PDN-3080.


18K White Gold Gem on Gem Diamond Cluster in a Triangle Shape with a Diamond Halo Frame around the Cluster. 0.35R- 31Diamonds. 16-17". LQ3076N. PDN-3079


18K White Gold Graduating Diamond Eternity Necklace. 7.47R. .25Ct 184dias. 18". LQ2470N. PDN-3104


18K white gold Lotus Diamond Necklace


18K White Gold Necklace with Five (5) Gem on Gem Sections Hanging off Cable Link Chain in the Shaped of a Teardrop. 1.07R-50dia. 16-17". LQ3891N. PDN-3098


18K White Gold Open Circle Halo Frame Set with Baguette Cut and Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds in the Middle of the Halo Frame. There is a Diamonds by The Yard Chain Attached to Pendant. 0.30R (40dia) .06B (2dia) 16-18". JLQ455N. PDN-3089


18K White Gold Open Diamond Rectangular Frame with Pointed Ends, With Baguette Cut Diamonds offset inside the Frame and a Diamonds By the Yard Style Chain Attached. 0.44R. 0.15B. 16-18". LQ3705N. PDN-3082


18K White Gold Open Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Circle Necklace. 0.98R- 16 diamonds. 16.5". #LQ3039N. PDN-3078


18K White Gold Oval Shaped Diamond Halo Frame Set with Baguette Cut Diamonds and Round Cut Diamonds in the Center of the Halo Frame. .19 R (28Dias). .22B (3dias) 16-18". LQ3345N. PDN-3085


18K Yellow Gold Bezel Set Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds by the Yard Chain. 0.87R-10dia 16-18". LQ2349N. PDN-3090


18K Yellow Gold Diamond Pave Bar Attached to a Curb Link Chain. 2.09R-96dia. 18". JLQ568N. PDN-3101


18K Yellow Gold Diamond Pave Butterfly Necklace. 0.33R-73 dia. 16-18". LQ4465N. PDN-3095


18K Yellow Gold Diamond Sideways Cross Necklace. .25R-29dias. 16.5". LQ2927N. PDN-3103


18K Yellow Gold Diamonds By the Yard Style Chain. Alternating Round and Square Open Diamond Sections. 0.51R- 180diamonds. 16-18". LQ2577N. PDN-3077


18K Yellow Gold Double Bezel Set Baguette Cut Diamonds with a Double Round Brilliant Cut Halo Frame Necklace. .26R (44dia). .15B (2dia). 16-18". LQ4344N. PDN-3092


18K Yellow Gold Double Diamond Infinity Necklace. 0.76R-63dia. 16-18". LQ5006N. PDN-3102


18K Yellow Gold Necklace. There is Five (5) Diamond Sections in the Shape of a Diamond That Dangle Off the Cable Link Chain. .60R-20dia. 16-18'. LQ3509N. PDN-3099


18K Yellow Gold Open Diamond Circle Necklace with Round Cut Diamonds That Make Different Shapes at bottom Center of the Diamond Circle. 0.83R-42 Dia. 16-18". LQ3981N. PDN-3087


18KR Amethyst and round diamond halo pendant with diamonds in the bail. 0.73R 13.45AM 54D 1AM LQ7217P PDN-3122


18KR Black and white diamond cross, the pendant is made up 6 black diamond halos with one white diamond in the center of each halo. 0.16R 0.51BLK 6R 33BLK LQ6536P/PDN-3149


18KR Flower shaped oval ruby and round diamond pendant. 0.52R 0.18RCenter 1.76Ru 84D 4Ru LQ7922P PDN-3118


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