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Two-tone link style paperclip necklace is set with Lafonn's signature Lassaire simulated diamonds in sterling silver bonded with platinum. 0.57ctw, 33 stones 20" N0239CLT20/ LA-442


14KW Lab Grown Round Diamond Solitaire Necklace on and 18" Tiffany style cable chain. 1.10ct (E)VS2 ID,EX,EX IGI LG11839810 LD-962


14KW Round diamond pear shaped necklace. 1.00ctw (G)SI 18"


14KW White Pearl and Diamond Pendant


14KY Polished diamond cut fancy link 18" necklace GC-1498/14BVNE17Y18


18K White Gold (5) Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds with a Diamond Frame around them to look like a "Flower" Design with a Cable Link Chain Attached to the Pendant. .64R-29dia. 16-18". LQ4184N. PDN-3093


18K White Gold Alternating Round Brilliant Cut Diamond and Round Cut Emerald Eternity Necklace. 6.23R 5.30Em. 18". 76dias. 76emeralds. LQ4137N. PDN-3105


18K White Gold Bezel Set Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds by the Yard Chain. 0.51R- 10 Diamond. 16-18". LQ921N. PDN-3088


18K White Gold Diamond Cluster With a Diamonds by the Yard Attached to the Cluster. .46CT. .28R. 15 diamonds. LQ1872N. PDN-3081


18K White Gold Diamond Gem On Gem Center with a Square Shaped Diamond Halo Frame Necklace. 0.81R-37Dia. 16-18". LQ2805N. PDN-3091


18k White Gold Diamond Pave Diamond Necklace in a "Star" Design. 0.32R-36dia. 16-18". JLQ570N. PDN-3094


18K White Gold Double Baguette Diamonds with a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Halo Frame around the Baguette Cut Diamond Necklace. .64R (8dia). .19B (2dia). 16-18". LQ3297N. PDN-3097


18K White Gold Four (4) Baguette Cut Diamond Prong Set inside a Diamond Rectangular Halo Frame with a Diamonds by the Yard Chain Attached. 0.43R (28dia). 0.75B (4dia). 16". LQ3933N. PDN-3086


18K White Gold Gem on Gem Cluster in an Offset Square Shaped Necklace. 1.22R- 21dias. 16-18". LQ3236N. PDN-3080.


18K White Gold Gem on Gem Diamond Cluster in a Triangle Shape with a Diamond Halo Frame around the Cluster. 0.35R- 31Diamonds. 16-17". LQ3076N. PDN-3079


18K White Gold Graduating Diamond Eternity Necklace. 7.47R. .25Ct 184dias. 18". LQ2470N. PDN-3104


18K white gold Lotus Diamond Necklace


18K White Gold Necklace with Five (5) Gem on Gem Sections Hanging off Cable Link Chain in the Shaped of a Teardrop. 1.07R-50dia. 16-17". LQ3891N. PDN-3098


18K White Gold Open Circle Halo Frame Set with Baguette Cut and Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds in the Middle of the Halo Frame. There is a Diamonds by The Yard Chain Attached to Pendant. 0.30R (40dia) .06B (2dia) 16-18". JLQ455N. PDN-3089


18K White Gold Open Diamond Rectangular Frame with Pointed Ends, With Baguette Cut Diamonds offset inside the Frame and a Diamonds By the Yard Style Chain Attached. 0.44R. 0.15B. 16-18". LQ3705N. PDN-3082


18K White Gold Open Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Circle Necklace. 0.98R- 16 diamonds. 16.5". #LQ3039N. PDN-3078


18K White Gold Oval Shaped Diamond Halo Frame Set with Baguette Cut Diamonds and Round Cut Diamonds in the Center of the Halo Frame. .19 R (28Dias). .22B (3dias) 16-18". LQ3345N. PDN-3085


18K Yellow Gold Bezel Set Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds by the Yard Chain. 0.87R-10dia 16-18". LQ2349N. PDN-3090


18K Yellow Gold Diamond Pave Bar Attached to a Curb Link Chain. 2.09R-96dia. 18". JLQ568N. PDN-3101


18K Yellow Gold Diamond Pave Butterfly Necklace. 0.33R-73 dia. 16-18". LQ4465N. PDN-3095


18K Yellow Gold Diamond Sideways Cross Necklace. .25R-29dias. 16.5". LQ2927N. PDN-3103


18K Yellow Gold Diamonds By the Yard Style Chain. Alternating Round and Square Open Diamond Sections. 0.51R- 180diamonds. 16-18". LQ2577N. PDN-3077


18K Yellow Gold Double Bezel Set Baguette Cut Diamonds with a Double Round Brilliant Cut Halo Frame Necklace. .26R (44dia). .15B (2dia). 16-18". LQ4344N. PDN-3092


18K Yellow Gold Double Diamond Infinity Necklace. 0.76R-63dia. 16-18". LQ5006N. PDN-3102


18K Yellow Gold Long Link Chain


18K Yellow Gold Necklace. There is Five (5) Diamond Sections in the Shape of a Diamond That Dangle Off the Cable Link Chain. .60R-20dia. 16-18'. LQ3509N. PDN-3099


18K Yellow Gold Open Diamond Circle Necklace with Round Cut Diamonds That Make Different Shapes at bottom Center of the Diamond Circle. 0.83R-42 Dia. 16-18". LQ3981N. PDN-3087


18KR Amethyst and round diamond halo pendant with diamonds in the bail. 0.73R 13.45AM 54D 1AM LQ7217P PDN-3122


18KR Black and white diamond cross, the pendant is made up 6 black diamond halos with one white diamond in the center of each halo. 0.16R 0.51BLK 6R 33BLK LQ6536P/PDN-3149


18KR Flower shaped oval ruby and round diamond pendant. 0.52R 0.18RCenter 1.76Ru 84D 4Ru LQ7922P PDN-3118


18KR Multi Colored Sapphire and Diamond Necklace


18KR Round brilliant cut white diamond open frame pendant with four pear shaped fancy colored diamonds and oval fancy colored diamond in the center. 0.92FD 0.48R 74D LQ7416P/PDN-3205


18KTT Marquise Cut Yellow Diamond With a White and Yellow Diamond Halo Frame Pendant with a Diamonds by the Yard Chain Attached


18KTT Necklace. Small Plain Yellow Gold Links with Larger White Gold Open Diamond Link Sections (5). 1.17R-190dia. 16.5". LQ4962N. PDN-3106


18KTT Necklace. Pear Cut Yellow Diamond, Yellow Diamond Halo Frame, White Diamond Halo Frame Section a Prong Set Diamond, Then a Heart Cut Diamond with Diamond Halo Frame and Diamonds by the Yard Chain Attached. .41R. .17Hrt .16YD. .66PearYD.18". LQ4628N


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