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14KW Round diamond shared prong band. 0.50ctw (G)SI 7dia


14KW Round diamond shared prong band. 1.00ctw (G)SI 5dia


14KW Round diamond shared prong semi-mount. 0.33ctw (G)SI 1ct Head 12Dia


14KW Round diamond shared prong semi-mount. 0.50ctw (G)SI 1.25ct-4 prong head. 10D


14KW Round diamond shared prong semi-mount. 0.85ctw (G)SI 6Dia 1.50ct Head


14KW Round diamond with oval center diamond five halo band. 2.00ctw 119D S-6.5 (G)VS


14KW Round diamond with oval center diamond seven halo band. 2.00ctw 119D S-6.5 (G)VS


14KW Round shared prong diamond semi-mount. 0.42ctw (G)SI 1.50Head.


14KY open double round brilliant cut right hand ring with open middle. 0.55ctw


14KY Round brilliant cut diamond band in low profile "U" prong style. .20ctw 23R S-6.5 (G)VS


14KY Round brilliant cut diamond band low profile "U" prong style. 0.65ctw 14R S-6.5 (G)VS


18K Rose gold red garnet baguette and rbc diamond ring.


18K Tri-color right hand ring with 2 pear shaped cluster halos on one side and two round shaped cluster halos and one oval shaped cluster halo in between the round ones. 1.37R 168D S-6.5 #LQ20023L/PDR-4245


18K Two tone six row bead set round diamond right hand ring with yellow gold rope design in between rows. 1.01R 76Dia S6.5


18K white, yellow, rose, and black round diamond 4 band set. 0.50R 0.18BLK 63R 21BLK S-6.25


18K yellow gold round diamond band. 0.48ctw


18K Yellow Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Ring


18K yellow round brilliant and baguette cut diamond fashion ring with multiple split shank rows. 1.27R 0.73B


18KR Criss cross infinity ring with one band set with RBC diamonds and one plain band. 0.17R


18KR Cushion shaped morganite center and round diamond halo ring.


18KR Cushion shaped round diamond halo semi-mount, 3 row diamond shank with the center row splitting at the top. 0.99R 78D 5x7mmHead


18KR RBC indivdually bezel set with milgrain band. 0.71R


18KR Round diamond and morganite cushion shaped halo ring with a split shank. 0.75R 3.80MG S6.5


18KR Round diamond wedding band the diamonds are individually bezel set with milgrain, 0.27R 13D WR-773/NER1801/8


18KTT 3 row band with round diamonds bead set in the center, one bezel set round diamond on one row. 0.18R 22 S-7


18KTT Cushion shaped "no heat" tanzanite ring with double round brilliant cut diamond halo ring with a triple row diamond shank. 0.95R 2.22TZ 94D S-6.5 LQ23195L/PDR-4249


18KTT Marquise and round diamond "leaf" style right hand ring. 0.25R 1.32MQ 21D 11MQ S-6.25 LQ21586L/PDR-4257


18KTT Oval emerald with round brilliant diamond halo, there are yellow gold rpong hold the oval emerald. 0.64R 0.18B 1.75E 50D 4B S-6 LQ24888L/PDR-4251


18KTT Round diamond channel and bezel set with channel set princess cut diamonds. 0.57P 0.18R(bezel) 0.37R 3P 14R S10.25


18KTT Round diamond Criss cross right hand ring, one row is bezel set in white gold the other row is bead set in yellow gold 0.50R 29D S-6.75


18KTT Round diamond men's band. Three bezel diamonds. 0.09R 3D S9.75


18KTT Round diamond right hand ring with a multi row circle top that alternates circles of diamonds and yellow gold ropes with a round diamond cluster center. 0.78R 77D S-6.5 #LQ22030L/PDR-4246


18KW Four row round diamond semi-mount with two rows below the gallery of the ring. 0.61R 74Dia S6.5+


18KW Two row round with four pear shapes set with round cut diamond ring. 0.39R 46D S-7


18KW "U" prong round diamond band. 0.48ctw


18KW 5 row round diamond right hand ring with each row graduating down in size from center row. 1.55R 87D S-6.5


18KW 5 stone round diamond "u" prong low profile band. 1.43R S6.25


18KW 9stone Round diamond low profile "u" prong band. 0.83R 9D S6.5


18KW alternating RBC diamond and round brilliant cut emerald "U" prong band, 0.31EM, .36R


18KW alternating round and square shaped halo's, all round brilliant cut diamonds, 1.35R


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