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18KW Alternating small and larger round brilliant cut diamond band. 1.27R


18KW Antique filagree style fashion ring. 0.66R 39DIA


18KW Antique style filigree and ruby and round diamond ring. 0.32R 0.35RU


18KW Antique style with filigree and migraine set with round brilliant cut diamonds. 0.69R


18KW Antique style with filigree sapphire and diamond ring. 0.19R 0.62S


18KW Chain link style round diamond ring. 0.48R


18KW Channel set round diamond mens band with step edges. 1.13R 5D S40.5


18KW Criss Cross low profile "U" prong RHR. 1.02R


18KW Curb link style ring set with round brilliant cut diamonds. 0.58R


18KW Cushion shaped baguette diamond halo semi-mount with round diamonds down the engraved shank. 0.21R 0.97B 20D 12B S-6.75


18KW Cushion shaped green tourmaline with round brilliant diamond hidden halo with milgrain and pave' set diamonds down the shank. 0.91R 13.14GT S6.5 LQ16893L/PDR- 4264


18KW Cushion shaped round diamond halo semi-mount. 1.47R 46D 1ct Head S6.5


18KW Diamond infinity twist semi-mount with a CZ-CTR, 0.33R WR-769/NEW1955/8


18KW Diamond Wedding Band


18KW Emerald cut and baguette diamond cluster center with round diamond halo. 0.28EM 0.61R 0.76B 0.22 Trap S6.5 LQ13707L?PDR-4259


18KW Emerald cut diamond band. 2.05ctw


18KW Fancy colored baguette cut rainbow colored sapphires with round brilliant cut diamonds surrounding the sapphire in sections. 0.47R 1.59FS 61D 12FS S-6.25 LQ24988L/PDR-4255


18KW Fancy colored sapphires and rbc diamond RHR, 0.55R, 1.59FS


18KW five oval diamond center with milgrain halo band/RHR, 0.41R, 0.99Oval


18KW Five stone round diamond shared prong band. 1.43ctw


18KW Four row round brilliant cut diamond and baguette cut diamond right hand ring with round diamond "gem on gem' cluster center. 1.35R 0.69B 79RD 16BD S-6.5 LQ22074L/PDR-4247


18KW Low profile shared prong round diamond eternity band. 1.23ctw


18KW multi pear shaped gem on gem cluster center with halo RHR, 0.77R


18KW Multi-shaped invisible set cushion shaped cluster center halo ring with a split shank. 0.84R 0.28O 0.22T 0.56B 0.30E S6.5


18KW Oval aquamarine and round brilliant cut diamond double halo ring with diamond split shank. 0.82R 3.94AQ 96D S-6.5 LQ16174L/PDR-4258


18KW Oval green tourmaline with round brilliant cut diamond halo ring with parital infinity diamodn shanl. 0.62R 0.20B 7.38GT 50D 4Tappered bag dia. S-6.5 LQ22198L/PDR-4248


18KW Oval ruby with diamond halo and split diamond shank ring. 0.85R 1.81RU 56D 1RU S-6.25 #LQ11005L/PDR-4244


18KW Oval sapphire and round diamond band.0.14R 1.18S


18KW Oval shaped bezel set emerald center with bead sset round diamond with round diamonds down the shank. 0.26R 0.40E 26D 1E S-6.5


18KW Pear shaped rubellite with round diamond halo and round diamonds down the split shank ring. 1.36R 4.72RL S-6.75 #LQ18584L/PDR-4242


18KW Radiant cut blue sapphire with baguette and round brilliant cut diamond shank. 0.11R 0.25B 2.10S 14D 6B S-6.25 LQ25084L/PDR-4253


18KW RBC diamond band with 3 bezel RBC diamonds in the center row. 0.40R 49R


18KW RBC diamond band, each diamond is bezel set with milgrain. 0.33R 11DIA


18KW RBC diamond rectangle top with link style shank ring, 0.27R


18KW RBC shared prong diamond band, 0.75R, 7DIA


18KW RBC triple row diamond ring. 0.79ctw


18KW Round and baguette diamond band. 0.21R 0.25B


18KW Round and baguette diamond cluster top ring. 0.69R 0.33B 39Dia 6bdag S-6.5


18KW Round and baguette diamond criss ross RHR. 0.47R 0.46B


18KW Round and baguette diamond halo top semi-mount with a gold twist shank. 0.25R 0.12B 10D 2B 0.75ct-Head


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